fuckul de iuropeum magna
i dont actually like any of these peoplle and im real glad theyre going soon

its not like i like them or anything ;;

Food Orfs has eaten this month:

Doner kebab, tulumba, ravioli in walnut sauce, tagliatelle alla pesto, pizza miki, a royale with cheese, the world’s sweetest cherry tomato, hazelnut gelato, Italian sardines, Belgian fries, a “taco”, Berliner, escargot Burgundy, Schwarzwald sausage with cherry mustard, mustard herring, brunost, apricot croissants, and beef carpaccio.

And a Doner kebab.

A treatise on Europe by Maduo, dictated not read

Today is the last day of the Fellowship of the Eurofuckerz. By this time
tomorrow, our metaphorical Ian McKellan will be dragged down a pit by a
balrog named Time Constraints. We three americanbounds go our seperate ways
the day after, while the hobbits head off to throw the one ring into the
fires of Mount Swede. To celebrate this we are spending the day doing Shit
All, eating kebabs (still the best food in europe), watching old disney
movies and making fun of sage in IRC. Possibly limoncello and beer will be
involved later. Possibly.

Currently I am covered head to toe in mosquito bites, sunburnt to shit on
my shoulders, have cuts and bruises all along my left side, and am wearing
a silly, overpriced hat. I am tired, dehydrated and stinky because our only
clean clothes still have to air dry. I am somewhere in the range of 5,000
dollars in debt to my parents, a fair bit more than I expected due to
baHORRIBLE planning on all our parts, a complete lack of economic sense on
my part and this one fucking asshole belgian train conductor. Prick. Due to
time constraints and laziness we missed several landmarks we were looking
forward to, including the the entire south of France. A bird pooped on me
in venice, I got locked in a bathroom in paris and I STILL have to dispose
of the “coffee” I got from amsterdam. At points we have all been in various
states of sickness and depression. I may have tried to throw a shoe at
orfeo at one point. “This is the worrrrrst” became a running gag somewhere
around brugge. And none of this is even mentioning the parts we swore Never
To Put On Tumblr.

So in summary, 6/5 would do again.

What's next on the agenda?

Im gonna ditch all the americans and head back up to sweden with only my headmate cait as company

happy july 4th eurofuckers!!!!

I didnt see you send me a happy midsummer bigot hell fucker

Well, he won’t be sunburned there

Well, he won’t be sunburned there

We just saw regina spektor and i kind of have a gigantic crush on her„

I came back from the grocery store to octo and Maduo saying “It’s okay, you don’t have to hide anymore.”  After I angrily demanded and smacked them a few times, octo said, “I saw your post…”


I changed my computer password.

Did you guys now France fought in WW2?? Well it was news for me at least.
Me and octo almost got robbed twice walking around the paris outskirts

It owned